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【Tobata Campus】The cross-genre presentation program

Let share the knowledge and passion in 8 min presentation! (without Jargon)
Participation is free.
You can just join as an audience without presentation.
※Jargon: technical term

21 June 2017
Kyutech Library (Tobata) 1st floor, 18:00-19:30
・Study on communication system for symbiotic society between humans and robots
・Is it possible to change your personality?
・About Language Lounge
・Bhutan in Space
・A study on influence of partial shadow in solar panel
・Water Resisted Materials
・Presenters explain their research contents within 8 min.
・In presentation, Jargon (technical term other people don't understand) has to be excluded.
・At least the abbreviation is not allowed to use without any explanations.
・After the presentation, Q&A and evaluation session will be carried out with audiences,
the presenter can confirm how deep the audiences understood your research.
・If the presenter is a bachelor student, use of your hobby is possible as
a presentation content instead of research presentation.
・This session is open for both international and Japanese students. Thus, language must be English.

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