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About E-Books

Use of e-resources

The system is reserved to Kyutech members (professors, students, etc.) please use it within the campus.
Read the "Terms and Conditions" and adhere to the rules of e-journal's website before using their services.
Please pay attention to the copyrights and the terms of usage. The following actions are prohibited and may result in the suspension of the service.

  • Downloading an entire issue of a journal or a large amount of data in a short period of time.
  • Systematic or programmatic downloading.
  • Usage other than educational and research purposes (commercial use is strictly prohibited).
  • Reproduction or redistributing of full text files.
  • Changing content, format or media of the resource without the written permission of each of the copyright holders.
  • Transmitting information to a third party.

Main E-Books list     

Resources Category Explanation support/
ScienceDirect eBooks Science and Technology In the Elsevier e-books section, book series issued in 2010 can be viewed: Engineering Package (Advances in Computers etc.), Chemistry Package (Advances in Catalysis etc.) Physics and Astronomy Package (Solid State Physics etc. ). (P.S: You can access the full text by clicking on the green icon)

Springer eBooks General In the Springer e-books section,
1973-1996: LNCS Archive
2005-2006: All areas
2007,2010: Behavioral Science
2007: Physics and Astronomy
2007: Practical Computing
2007-2013: Engineering
2011-2012: Chemistry and Materials Science
2011: Computer Engineering
books can be viewed.

Wiley online books General In the Wiley Online Books Section, Mathematics/ Environmental Engineering/ Humanities/ Materials Science/ Science and Technology/ Reference Work books can be viewed.

CSDL Computer Sciences IEEE Computer Society Conference Proceedings can be viewed.
ebrary Academic Complete with DASH General World Leading Publishers’ (Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Oxford Univ. etc.) e-books in the area of Natural Science, Engineering and Technology, Humanities can be viewed. To download the files, signing in is required. Please use the Kyutech's student login ID for authentication.

NetLibrary(EBSCOhost eBook Collection) General Science and Engineering e-books of Asakura Publishers and Tokyo Electrical University Press
Humanities -Japanese
Humanities -English
Copyright free books
can be viewed.
Number of simultaneous accesses for the same book is limited to single user (some have 3 users access). Personal account can be registered for availing extra services such as memo function.

Maruzen eBook Library General In the Academic e-books of the Maruzen library, books published by the Maruzen and Ohmsha can be viewed. Number of simultaneous accesses for the same book is limited to single user.

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